Your Benefits

Reduced Machining

Products that require machining can be optimized by near-net-shape parts made with our processes. Particularly cost-intensive and difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium or high-alloy-steels create highly profitable applications. Another application are large scale blanks that are not available on the current market for semi-fished and raw materials.


Optimized Supply Chains

Cast and forged parts, especially small batch sizes, can be substituted by components from PA-Labs with significantly shorter delivery times. Furthermore, by manufacturing different types of components on one WAAM system, complex supply chains can be simplified and manufacturing can be centralized in a robust and resource-saving way.

High Performance Components

PA-Labs enables innovative and unrivaled applications for which there are no alternative manufacturing processes. These include closed hollow structures for lightweight construction or multi-material applications, e.g. with locally dissolved wear or corrosion protection layers. Furthermore, we enable innovative concepts of mass customization.

Circular Economy

Metal components that are subject to heavy wear can be reconditioned promptly and do not have to be scrapped. These applications are especially interesting for low cost parts in large quantities that could not be reconditioned economically before.